If These Walls Could Talk

Video shot and edited by Sam Lax


RESOLVE x UCL Engineering

The ‘wall’ has long been a symbol of separation. They separate our nations, our cities, and our homes. They are just as physical as they are metaphorical: we put up our walls to retreat from others, we talk to walls when our feelings aren't reciprocated. Today, although we live closer together than ever -  with the majority of Earth’s population in cities - separation, exclusion, and marginalization are some of our most pressing urban issues. In an attempt to address these issues, this project asks participants to reimagine the ‘wall’ as a concept, a device, that can bring people together.

We're running workshops with community groups,  and collaborating with artists, architects & engineers to collect responses for an exhibition event later this year.

Drop us a line if you'd like get involved: maisha.scafe-smith.11@ucl.ac.uk or gameli.ladzekpo@gmail.com